• GSoC 2019: Week 2

    The second week of official coding period has concluded. I will give you a brief summary of the week’s work.

    gsoc  sympy 
  • GSoC 2019: Week 1

    The first week of official Coding Period is over and it went well 😄.

    gsoc  sympy 
  • Community Bonding Period

    Community bonding period has concluded. Due to my exams and travelling, I was not able to devote much of my time over this. But I managed to review PR #16666 and helped it get merged. With this PR, SymPy comes one step closer to unifying both the Assumption systems. Also, with this I realized how difficult reviewing can be 😅.

    gsoc  sympy 
  • Beginning GSoC 2019: with SymPy

    Finally, the result of GSoC-2019 came on 6th of May, 2019. I am very happy to inform that my proposal on improving the assumptions mechanism has been accepted by SymPy for this year’s GSoC. For those who don’t know, SymPy is an open-sourced Computer Algebra System(CAS) written in Python. It was started by Ondrej Cetrik(@cetrik) in 2006, as a project. Since 2007, SymPy has participated in Google Summer of Code every year. GSoC has given much boost to the development of SymPy’s codebase.

    gsoc  sympy